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Julian Cope

While Peggy Suicide debuted the “mature” Julian, this three-sided follow-up went all-out, with the emphasis on the ‘out’. Largely inspired by Krautrock, Jehovahkill captures all the intensity and variety of that genre, from eccentric acid folk to full-on psych bombast. The subject matter takes in stone circles, Christ, an...view item »

Dope feat. Julian Cope
The Dee Dee Ramone Story

First time on vinyl for this previous cassette only release from the warped brain of Sir Julian Cope. This contains two side-long explorations that have been described as somewhere else as being between Ash Ra Temple and Brainticket's classic LP 'Cottonwoodhill'. A sonic overload of what Cope se...view item »

Julian Cope
Skellington 3

Skellington 3 by Julian Cope continues in the tradition of its two predecessors (1989’s Skellington 1 and 1993’s Skellington 2, in case you were wondering) by containing a bunch of songs that were recorded very quickly in loose, rock ‘n’ roll kinda way. Also, like the two previous albums in the series, th...view item »

Julian Cope
My Nation Underground

Cope’s fourth LP may have marked something of a dead end to the first part of his solo career, but it’s not without its charms. Taking Funkadelic, Sly Stone and 60s garage rock and psychedelia as inspirations, the album includes covers of The Vogues’ 5 O'Clock World and Someone...view item »

Julian Cope
Rite At Ya

Rite At Ya is a collection of 4 monumental cosmic jams from the Arch Drude, Julian Cope. It’s the 5th in the series of Rite albums, which he began putting out in the early ‘90s. The music contained here dates from 1993 to the present day. This will swallow you whole and spit you back out. A thoroughly worthwhile expe...view item »

Julian Cope
Black Sheep

For me, this is the best Cope release since maybe as far back as the mid 90's. After the previous ok but patchy "You Gotta Problem With Me" this one delivers and then some. Stronger lyrics, better band dynamics, far more coherent's all back. Imagine a stronger Jehovahkill with some of Interpreters musical direction and you'l...view item »

Dope (Julian Cope)
Maxi 12

Dope is a new band from Julian Cope (it would be with a name like that wouldn’t it?), dedicated to that wild wild psych sound. Dubby-electronicsy-world-rock-guitar hybrid music, featuring a song actually called ‘Drugs 7”’. Oh Julian. This debut statement from the group is...view item »

Julian Cope
Drunken Songs

Julian Cope is an acknowledged expert in the field of intoxicated music enjoyment, so this album of drinking songs, Drunken Songs, is very welcome. There is a song written for Cope’s own funeral, a song called ‘Liver Big As Hartlepool’, and a big 20-minute jam to close out the album, a...view item »

Julian Cope
Trip Adviser (The Very Best Of Julian Cope 1999-2014)

Julian Cope, he of the infinite interest in all things psychedelic, compiles what he reckons to be his greatest material from the period 1999-2014. Sixteen tracks of Cope! All sorts of madness lies within Trip Advizer (nice title Julian!), which is released on Lord Yatesbury, a spin off...view item »

Julian Cope
Saint Julian

Julian Cope's music has always sounded different to whatever else is going on at the time. His post punk band The Teardrop Explodes were different to other bands at the time. In away, it makes his music genuinely timeless. There's a bit of an '80s sheen on "St. Julian", his third solo album from 1987, ...view item »

Julian Cope
Preaching Revolution

I've long been a devotee of Julian H. Cope, having being given cassettes of the first two Teardrop Explodes at the age of 10 (they're still absolutely priceless to me, those albums) so it's with much pride that I'm getting paid to review his new single. 'Preaching Revolution' is a 4 track red vinyl 7" EP full of neat, folksy protest songs stam...view item »

Julian Cope
Peggy Suicide

Cope’s seventh album marks his reinvention and the beginnings of his Arch-Drude persona. Having moved away from attempts at chart pop with the understated home-recorded albums Skellington and Droolian, this sprawling double LP showed a more ambitious and fully-formed new direction. The songs are politicised, dealing with environmentalism a...view item »

Julian Cope
You Gotta Problem With Me

I know that Julian Cope is highly respected and has a huge following but I've never really got into his stuff. Phil and I saw him wondering around the Supersonic festival looking like Axl Rose. 'You Got A Problem With Me' is a blend of 'classic' rock and druid type spoken word ramblings. He's clearly an intelligent man. His lyrics are like a histor...view item »

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