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Josef K Vinyl, CD & tapes from this artist at Norman Records

Josef K
Sorry For Laughing (+ The TV Art Demos CD)

Holy Crap! I said to Phil I was gonna sack off reviewing JK's hallowed "unreleased" début 'Sorry For Laughing' in favour of concentrating on the curious enclosed bonus - a complete full-length CD containing Haig & Co's entire first ever recording session from 1979 ...view item »

Josef K
It's Kinda Funny (The Singles)

Josef K were a classic post-punk group in the Scottish scene surrounding Postcard Records in the late 70’s and early 80’s. It’s Kinda Funny gathers all the band’s singles, plus the accompanying B-sides, into a compelling sharp-edged whole. Cool and sleek and wirey. Vinyl LP on Le...view item »

Josef K

Ooooh wibble, gurgle, gush, fawn....faint. BANG!!! There. I've crashed again. It's all the fault of upstart Scots post punkers JOSEF K. Or Domino spending all the profit they've made off lesser "disposable" bands on lavish re-issues of old music that begs, deserves nee DEMANDS to be heard again. 'Entomology' is a nif...view item »