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Jose Gonzalez
In Our Nature

Now that sensitive plucker Jose Gonzalez with his new album 'In Our Nature'. Its pretty and distinctive sounding from the the tasty Swede with vocals and guitar dancing together with evocative beauty. He's got a great sense of rhythm that comes through his playing and vocal delivery that sets him apart from his many singer songwriter contemporaries...view item »

Jose Gonzalez
Vestiges & Claws

It has been just over seven years since In Our Nature, the last solo record by Jose Gonzalez, but in that time he has been quite busy. He has recorded two albums with his band, Junip, co-written the score to The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty and contributed a song to the Red Hot Charity album. ...view item »

Jose Gonzalez
Let It Carry You Remixes

2 rather different takes on Jose Gonzalez’s material, taking his soft, warm, folky melodicism and filtering them through banks of electronics. Holy Ghost! do an Italo disco flavoured cut of Let It Carry You, whereas Dino Soccio’s goes for a more mellow-groove disco approach....view item »

Jose Gonzalez with yMusic
Chamber Ensemble arrangements of songs from Vestiges & Claws

Chamber Ensemble arrangements of songs from Vestiges & Claws delivers precisely on the promise of its title, with New York group yMusic taking Jose Gonzalez’s soft, warm, folky melodicism and adding subtle orchestral shadings. They manage to work with the tone of the original material while al...view item »

Jose Gonzalez
Cycling Trivialites

This is an odd one. Not a new single of new material as I'd hoped but a vinyl version of a track off his second album 'In our Nature' which was released in 2007.  It was always his first album 'Veneer' which did it for me, Jose is pretty much the finest singer songwriter of recent yea...view item »

Jose Gonzalez
Hand On Your Heart

Now I have the geezer Jose Gonzalez and his single 'Hand On Your Heart.' He's doing well isn't he this guy? Just one man, a bit of hollow wood and 6 strings 'n' some mesmerizing tunes. So i ain't going to big him up. Here he's gone and covered Stock Aitken and Waterman's 'Hand on your Heart' with his own unique style. I like the...view item »

Jose Gonzalez
Down The Line

Jose 'Sony' Gonzales is back from a respite to punt his special brand of Swedish singer songwriter gear. He has a single out called 'Down The Line 'We all loved his gear at the towers when those balls were bouncing around the telly screen. I was wondering how I'd fair with his new stuff. Part of me wanted to move on and think that I'd had enough of...view item »

Jose Gonzalez
Killing For Love

Jose Gonzalez has a new 7" out of his gentleness of Peacefrog. 'Killing For Love' is it's name and it's exactly as you'd expect. I've not taken to his newer stuff as much as I did with his first album. It's not had the same effect on me and I'm not entirely sure why. The songs are good, the guy has a lovel voice and he can play guitar. Maybe i...view item »

Jose Gonzalez, Junip, Various
Cowboys In Scandinavia

There's a fine Scando-folk comp called 'Cowboys In Scandinavia' that you may be interested in? Jose Gonzalez, St Thomas & Nicolai Dunger are amongst the more recognisable names but there's plenty of interesting gear on this 19 track collection through Fargo! ..............view item »

Jose Gonzalez

Swedish singer/songwriter Jose Gonzalez’s debut, released in his homeland in 2003 but not until 2005 for the rest of us. Hushed and tender, and including ~that~ emotional cover of The Knife’s electro-pop number Heartbeats. Deft acoustic guitar and sweet double-tracked vocals - it’s pretty hard ...view item »