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John Matthias & Jay Auborn

The soundtrack to a film which nostalgically recalls a time when the post-war social consensus in Britain was in a significantly better state than it is in the neo-liberal, late-capitalist hell that is 2019. Broadmead - named after a now-decaying shopping centre in Bristol, is directed by Mat Consume (No Future) and Stanley Donwood (yes, that one, who does artwork for Radiohead) and is scored by composers John Matthias and Jay Auborn. 
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John Matthias & Jay Auborn
Pretoria Remixed

John Matthias (Derailer) joined forces with composer Jay Auborn to release Race To Zero through Village Green records in 2017, mixing modern classical with heavy electronic production. Here they bring Bristolian producer CUTS, Will Young’s (not that one) Moon Gangs project, and former Mogwai guitarist John Cummings in to remix the track Pretoria. Turning this cinematic piece in two very different interpretations.

John Matthias & Jay Auborn
Race To Zero

John Matthias and Jay Auborn have paired up to create an album that explores where we’re at in terms of space, sound, technology and place. The creative process included improvisations on acoustic instruments in character-rich locations, which were then transformed through intensive digital processing into something other. Race To Zero is an interesting suite of digital folk music, released by Village Green.

John Matthias
Stories From The water Cooler

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John Matthias
All The Time In The World

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