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John Fahey
Your Past Comes Back to Haunt You (The Fonotone Years 1958-1965)

You'll want this - oh yes - a magnificently packaged box set of Fahey's early work. It contains 5 compact discs, 115 rare recordings, 88 page hardback book, notes and essays and exclusive photos. There's no way that I'm going to 'review' this - I'm far too hot as it is sitting here - its ...view item »

John Fahey and His Orchestra
Of Rivers and Religion

This is dramatically toned-down Fahey, and not just on the numbers where he is accompanied by an "orchestra" of such instruments as banjo and mandolin. This album evokes a lazy river on a summer day, and the playing keeps that mood throughout. A perfect example of what makes me love this album is "Dixie Pig BBQ Blues," where Fahey plays lazily, ...view item »

John Fahey
The Voice of The Turtle

John Fahey was truly a marvel, rediscovering, performing and recording traditional country blues with a precision and dedication unmatched by any other artist. This album shows the artist's wickedly droll sense of humour, along with a welcome experiment with some decidedly psychedelic sounds. It is this unexpected quirkiness that adds real perso...view item »

John Fahey
Dance of Death & Other Plantation Favorites

A re-issue of the 1964 album from the old master in which he uses the old tunes he learnt as a teenager as a basis to make new and thrilling shapes from his guitar. This album shows Fahey as an artist in transformation and only hints at what was to come later. Essential re-issue on 180 gram vinyl from the folks and the trustworthy 4 Men with Bea...view item »

John Fahey
Volume I: Blind Joe Death

This is the great Fahey's first album. Originally laid down on his own dime in 1959, John Fahey/Blind Joe Death was a quiet entry into the market: Fahey sold some copies from the Esso station where he was night manager, put others in thrift store record bins, gave them to friends. It still took three years to sell out of the 100 copies. Original...view item »

John Fahey
The Transcendental Waterfall – Guitar Excursions 1963-1967

Well, if you're thinking about buying a Fahey box set the odds are you already love Fahey. So really, it just comes down to getting all the Fahey you want at a good price. If so, go for it. If you've been listening to Fahey on Spotify or mp3 and you want to upgrade to the physical world, this is going to be as good value as you're likely to find...view item »

John Fahey

There's almost no picking the perfect Fahey album; if he's your bag, you're going to have your own thoughts about that. But America is as good a choice as any. It's also as close as he ever came to making a statement album. At this point it was his only record cut from a single set of sessions, rather than put together from tapes made in differe...view item »

John Fahey
The Yellow Princess

The Yellow Princess has a lot in common with Fahey's other early stuff, especially "Death Chants, Breakdown, and Military Waltzes." Similar inspired mix of full-on finger-picking, slow blues, dissonance and found sound. The title track can be found on a number of anthologies, but the rest of the record is excellent as well. There's drum and bass...view item »

John Fahey
1978 Live TV Concert

In my opinion this is the best available John Fahey DVD released so far. He's at the height of his chops and passion on these tracks. I believe this was recorded on the same tour as the On Air CD which is also a must have. Yes there is the occasional mic feedback and its tracks are not separated. However there are many more tunes performed than ...view item »

John Fahey & Cul De Sac
The Epiphany Of Glenn Jones

One of those extraordinary encounters which make the story of John Fahey so fascinating, this a fine mixture of psychological terror, straightforward Freudian psychology and of course some radical-but-cuddly music. By the time John Fahey made this album with Cul-Du-Sac, near the end of his life, he had stripped his playing to raw essentials. Tha...view item »

John Fahey
Guitar Vol. 4 / The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party and Other Excursions

Vol. 4 - The Great San Bernardino Birthday Party and Other Excursions by famed acoustic guitarist John Fahey was originally released in 1966. The instrumentation makes it a child of its time: flute, sitar and backwards guitar. However, the experimental soundscapes resulting from the interplay between Fahey...view item »