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Jennifer Gentle

I don't know much about Jennifer Gentle but when Phil put this on earlier he mumbled something about Syd Barrett which sounds completely wrong based on this CD of spacey bleeps 'n' drones which approaches dark ambient or industrial territories at times. Everyone else seemed confused too, they were all going "This in't me dad's Jennifer Gentle&...view item »

Jennifer Gentle
Evanescent Land

Jennifer Gentle are a bunch of Italian guys with a huge Syd Barrett fixation and here's a pretty cool 4 track CD only release on Heron Records. It's name is 'Evanescent Land' if you feel the need to label things and the lead track (She's Alright) could have fallen off the back of the new Animal Collective album. It's completely tapped mental skewed...view item »

Jennifer Gentle
Sacramento Session 5/3

Jennifer Gentle are some Italian dudes with a fixation for Syd Barrett. Sub Pop signed 'em in their infinte wisdom a while back for a storming album of psych pop and now we've got a new album in on A Silent Place called Sacramento Session/ 5 of 3. Side 1 is quite like the Eraserhead soundtrack... ie dark a...view item »

Jennifer Gentle

First up, new on Sub Pop-a brilliant album by Jennifer Gentle. 'Jennifer Gentle is not a girl, it's a band' it says on the sleeve. I KNOW,  I KNOW. Christ almighty. Anyway there my annoyance with this record ends as when you slip the CD in the machine, suddenly you are transported to a land full of pixies where Syd Barrett...view item »