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Jasper Leyland
Capsize EP

Also in a is a CD by Jasper Leyland on Stray Dog Army Records (which is the Mole Harness's label). In fact the 1st release on the label was by Mole Harness. COINCIDENCE eh? This is a 4 track EP of minimal drones, fuzzes and clicks along the lines of Fennesz and that kind of thing. Very pretty indeed......view item »

Hood, Jasper Leyland, Various
Little Things

Various Artists: 'Little Things' (Flau) An eighteen track odyssey from the popular Japanese imprint, collects tracks from a diverse company of artists and groups including: Jasper Leyland; Hood; Part Timer; F.S. Blumm; Cokiyu and The Boats amongst others. Leyland's crisp embers of light electronica, percussive ticks and gentle strum more or less se...view item »

Jasper Leyland

Now the delicate twinkling of  JASPER LEYLAND with his new album Fieldstone. Hailing from Guy Fawks' York he contains little of the explosion of his famous neighbor. Maybe if Guy had been listening to this music with a bit of herbal he wouldn't of gone and tried to blow up the government. Still ...worth a try.&nb...view item »

Jasper Leyland

And onto the Jasper Leyland CD on Stray Dog Army which is ran by Mole Harness who you may remember from the Float scene some while back. I suspect if you havn't heard of Float, Stray Dog Army or Mole Harness that last sentence probably made no sense whatsoever. Here we have 5 tracks of beau...view item »