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James Yorkston
Demonstration Of The Craws

The Demonstrations Of The Craws is a selection of raw and direct demos of James Yorkston songs, later to appear on his acclaimed The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society albums. Great for the hardcore fans, but also for those who prefer a sparser sound. Vinyl only, Record Store Day 2015 item (e....view item »

Yorkston / Thorne / Khan
Neuk Wight Delhi All-Stars

James Yorkston, Jon Thorne and Suhail Yusuf Khan are a near-unique proposition, combining UK folk with jazz-style double bass and Indian classical sarangi. Somehow, these three remarkable talents manage to make the hybrid music they play sound like an obvious fit, like the traditional music of a...view item »

James Yorkston
The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society

Quiet as a mouse folkie James Yorkston has collaborated with KT Tunstall and Rob Smoughton on 'The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society', his eighth record to date and the follow-up to 2012's 'I Was A Cat From A Book'. It's arranged with piano, guitars and vocal duets that make it feel full ...view item »

Adrian Crowley & James Yorkston
My Yoke Is Heavy: The Songs Of Daniel Johnston

It's all top stuff I've had to review from home this week, and this baby I've listened to quite a few times. It's a great collection of Daniel Johnston remakes from two renowned Celtic maestros. There's some really odd murky tape weirdness going on under the version of 'True Love Will Find You In The End' bu...view item »

James Yorkston
Spanish Ants Remixes EP

It’s probably worth drawing your attention to this limited 10” in case you’ve not clocked it. There’s a measly 200 copies to go around and it comes in a screenprinted sleeve with a picture of a moggy on it. I’m not entirely sure how much these remixes will appeal to your average ...view item »

James Yorkston
I Was A Cat From A Book

Once again I’m left with a new album by someone who has been around the block and back around again, then stumbled down a blind alley or two, or the odd ditch. Sadly, on his wanders he keeps losing his Athletes (maybe he shouldn’t have been getting so drunk on that woozy cider...?)...view item »

Various (Alasdair Roberts, James Yorkston, Richard youngs etc.)
Migrating Bird Sampler

James Yorkston
Steady As She Goes

And moving swiftly on to JAMES YORKSTON. I've never really spent much time with ole Yorkie. Most likely because we always gave him to Clint to review and this is the 1st thing that's come in since Clint left the Towers. So I'm listening to his new single (Steady As She Goes) quite intently and I'm actually enjoying it. I wonder what othe...view item »

James Yorkston & The Big Eyes Family Players
Folk Songs

Nice of the much loved James Yorkston to take things back to basics, with assistance from Sheffield's Big Eyes Family Players, he's unleashed a blinding collection of tender traditional folk classics, mostly picked from around the British Isles. His mellow Scots burr always brings a smile to proceedings and these contemporary interpretations range ...view item »

James Yorkston
The Year of the Leopard

Folkie Scot JAMES YORKSTON serves us well on his new elpee & ceedee "Year of the Leopard". Domino seem to have nurtured him till he's just flowing very nicely thankyou very much. This is sweet natured gentle folk played with passion & warmth, very classic sounding, the loose collective he employs as ba...view item »

The Lone Pigeon/ James Yorkston

James Yorkston And The Athletes
Moving Up Country

James Yorkston & The Athletes are newly signed to Domino. And the new fruits are born unto us in the form of a long playing album. Clinton here says nice folkyness with rustic charm. A little like Appendix Out but with more uplifting vocals (ie not bleak and miserable). Similar celtic i...view item »

James Yorkston
Tortoise Regrets Hare

James Yorkston is back on the old animal theme trail with his 'Tortoise Regrets Hare' 7" on Domino. The Scotsman is in fine form accompanied by Nancy Elizabeth (nee Cunliffe) on vocals. There's a wonderful earthy feel to the track but the synthetic bass just takes it somewhere else. I cant 't grasp exactly what he's on about (this coming from a W...view item »

James Yorkston
When The Haar Rolls In

When the Haar Rolls In is the new gunslinger in town and his underfed, overused horse is called James Yorkston. He calls one of his guns compact disc and one double 10" and they'll shoot your ears off as soon as look at you. He also drags a massive coffin with him everywhere he goes that contains his secret weapon, a hefty box set with the vin...view item »

James Yorkston
Woozy with Cider

here's a new single by JAMES YORKSTON (still Athlete-less) called Woozy With Cider. Which is what I used to be when I was 16 before I could manage anything else. The sweetness is what I liked. Mind you I had to stop cos it does reek havoc with ones guts. So new single from Yorkie... what's it like? Well it's like Arab S...view item »

James Yorkston
Roaring The Gospel

James Yorkston: "Roaring The Gospel" (Domino) is a compilation of B-sides and odds and sods that includes his version of "Song To The Siren", once covered by Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins). For those that don't know he's part of Fife's Fence collective and are part of Dominos early folk adoption. He writes and sings some capti...view item »

James Yorkston

First up James Yorkston with a new EP on Houston Party records. This is a 6 song EP of lovely acoustic goodness from the man in the Mars and Sparks slacks. Gently thumbed acoustic guitars and banjos with some nice clarinets & warm instrumentation. I think this is a completely solo recording so there's no Athletes with h...view item »

James Yorkston, Desc, Various
Is This Music