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Jack Penate
Second, Minute or Hour

Jack Penate with his new single 'Second, Minute or Hour' on XL. I think he sounds like the Kooks this fellow. A pretty high paced cheeky strum along with fast lyrics and a radio friendly chorus to make the traffic jams slightly less painful. Not unlike my hero's The House Martins but that aint to say I like this Jamie T style camp of quirky new pop...view item »

Jack Penate
Everything Is New

Whoah, Jack Penate's a right dreamboat inne? After looking at the picture they've used on the cover for Everything Is New (which, incidentally, is EXACTLY the same picture they used for the artwork a couple of singles ago) I'm once again cursing the lack of a work shower because I could really do with a proper cold 'un to get my mind back on the jo...view item »

Jack Penate
Be The One

I must be going soft in my old age as I'm starting to quite like Jack Penate. God knows why..... at home I'd never ever listen to it but in these 4 walls it really doesn't bother me. The last single Tonight's Today was so ludicrously catchy that I couldn't help but like it. 'Be The One' follows a similar paths. Yeah it's big, yeah it's brashy, yeah...view item »

Jack Penate
Tonight's Today

Jack Penate looks well fit on his new record sleeve. Gone are the colourful sleeves which fold out into tents or whatever and they've been replaced with black and white photos of Jack with stubble looking all sensitive and sensible. Well hunky... A bit like those Adele sleeves.. Hey you can see for youself and see if you'd want to bang him. He does...view item »

Jack Penate
Have I Been A Fool/ If I'd Known

Jack Penate is back with another chirpy record. This guy needs some misery in his life... it's just too happy for it's own good. This is a bit like Happy Hour by The Housemartins which is a great song. Better than this one in fact.... It's not a bad tune though.... I just can't really do with happy music like this. Bring me some misery on a smorgas...view item »

Jack Penate
Have I Been A Fool (Toddla T mix)/ You Send Me

I first heard this song on BBC radio 6 music show - Excellent song - deserves to be Number 1 - I really enjoyed this song ...view item »

Jack Penate

Jack Penate: 'Matinee' (XL) Debut outing from the man tipped as 'the next big thing'. I can't decide whether he's a over hyped busker or public schoolboy fopp slumming it with the indie toilet kids. On hearing the opening track he comes across like a male version of Kate Nash. Part rockabilly, part busker- faux trailer trash chic.Does he really...view item »

Jack Penate
Torn On The Platform

Now a Jack Penate picture disc which is part 2 of some contrived "set". Not really sure what to say really. Its like a cross between Jamie T with Housemartins style guitar chords (think happy hour). Sounds a bit Finley Quaye. Public school boy busker quips Mingus. So thin and whimsical it floats off our turntable like a frisbee. Torn On T...view item »

Jack Penate
Spit At Stars EP

JACK PENATE is a bit all over the place at the mo. You can't move for him. His new single Spit At Stars is a jaunty affair which reminds me of Jamie T,. Billy Brag and some old style jangly indie pop music. Nowt new or exciting if you ask me.... heard it all before.......view item »