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Glass Bird Movement

With their first album in six years, original odd couple duo ISAN remind us why theirs is a name which is highly regarded in the right kind of electronica circles. The pair have been making low key under the radar music for nigh on two decades and 'Glass Bird Movement' promises to explain why their music has been compared to the...view item »

ISAN + Paco Sala + R Elizabeth + A New Line (Related)
Rough Imaginary

The date 15th April should be etched on your mind because that's the day these artists killed it at London Fields Brewery. Beforehand the artists got together to create this CD of their work. They must have brought all the stuff seperately as there's no way they could have created this over pre-gig nibbles. It's a lovely collection though from ...view item »


This is a bizarre little outing from Isan, a one sided album recorded entirely on a Sanyo auto stop and Sony cassette-corder, it really shows too, a very lo-fi production of short ambient pieces in the same light as Boards Of Canada’s BBC Schools Science program type soundtracks (phew!), Robin ...view item »

Glow in the Dark Safari Set

Always a pleasure to listen to anything by these guys and it seems like it has been a wee while since we had any new stuff. This is believe it or not their sixth album and as expected the quality set by previous releases is consistent. This is basically what you want from Isan, cool, slick, deep and perfectly crafted warm electronica with a ...view item »

Various (Lali Puna, Isan, Sin Fang Bous etc.)
Not Given Lightly: A Tribute to Giant Golden Book of New Zealand's Alternative Music Scene

Is one of the most beautiful and originals albums edited in 2009 simple mind wonderful the tracks , the artist selection , the illustrations , everything reminds me of my home , my wife , some past moments , and make me feel very happy thanks a lot for do this kind of albums we need in this times!!! ...view item »

Tomcats In Tokyo/ ISAN

Tomcats In Tokyo/ ISAN split 3" cuteypie CD on Awkward Silence. It's here and I can report it's rather fantastic. Two tracks by thar Tomcats and the 2nd track is an ISAN mix. The Tomcats track is simply stunning 'all over the place'  jerky melodic electronica which would fit in quite nicely wit...view item »

ISAN, Lali Puna, Various
A Number of Small Things

I`m a sucker for all things Morr Music but I really love the amazing growth of this label- Seavault and Butcher the bar are superb new signings, that sit alongside old favorites like Lali Puna, Benni Hemm Hemm and Isan etc. The packaging is genius and Thirty plus tracks has inspired me to buy this for everyone I know for Xmas!Seavault are...view item »

Robin Saville
Peasgood Nonsuch

Robin Saville from ISAN releases his debut CD on Static Caravan called 'Peasgood Nonsuch'. An extremely informative sentence that one. No idea what a Peasgood Nonsuch was til I had a quick peek around the internet and discovered it's a breed of apple. Maybe type of apple is more apt but I like the fact that apples breed and will one day take over t...view item »

Lucky Cat

ISAN release a new dbl LP or CD on Morr with a lucky cat on the cover (always a winner). It's really mellow this LP. Much more so than the previous releases. It's really beautiful in fact and probably their best LP to date. Clinton here said he'd compare it to Boards Of Canada? Not sure o...view item »

Plans Drawn In Pencil

First up is 'Plans Drawn In Pencil' the rather pretty new Isan album on Morr. This is textbook Isan really and if you're familiar with their sound then you'll know what to expect. Emotive synth melodies, warm textures, childlike melodies and super chilled vibes. I can imagine sipping pink lemon...view item »

Isan, Flotel, Fibla, Various

This is called Refractions and it's reconstructions of the Disasters By Choice back catalogue. Whom you've probably all heard of? No... well they've done a few Melodium CD's and probably some other bits can't remember. This tasty CD of pretty electronic-ness includes re constructions by the following electroni-whores. Murcof, ...view item »

Meet Next Life

ISAN.. ISAN ISAN ISAN..... The more you say it the more of a pleasing word it sounds. Am not just saying ISAN randomly, as they have a brand new album out on Morr Music. Woo..... It's pretty melodic electronica with acoustic guitars and general lovelyness in places. If you like yr electronica ...view item »

Clockwork Menagerie

New ISAN thingy out this week on Morr. Being vague.....always a good thing. It's a comp of singles and comp tracks which pretty much features all of those hard to get singles cunningly put onto one compilation. The CD is 11 tracks but if you buy the dbl vinyl you get a free 7" with 2 brand ...view item »