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Gentle Breeze

Piper were an early 1980s-era Japanese pop band who scored a hit with second album Summer Breeze in 1983. The remarkably similarly titled Gentle Breeze was its followed up released just a few months later and continued their ability to make a summery synthy funk sound that could allow you to think that you were at an L.A pool party. Brilliantly the sleeve art is of a snow covered vehicle. Remastered LP on red vinyl with white splatter. 

Sunshine Kiz

Assembled in the space of just six months, displaying the creative restlessness of its creators Piper and their ingenious lead singer Keisuke Yamamoto, 1984’s wonderful Sunshine Kiz followed up the genre-defining Gentle Breeze by including more vocal-orientated tracks and live instrumentation. 

Piper 3CD Collection

3CD Collection by Piper collects together three albums by the Japanese pop group. Included here are Summer Breeze (1983), Gentle Breeze (1983) and Sunshine Kiz (1984). The band claim to take inspiration from Wishbone Ash and Camel, although you’d have to listen very carefully to pick any of that up. They also take influences from fellow Japanese acts Masayoshi Takanaka and Tatsuro Yamashita and YMO.

Summer Breeze

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