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Mogwai, Ikara Colt, Various
One Dot Zero Vol 3

The other DVD I bored my Mrs with was the new Volume of the excellent One Dot Zero series. We're now up to Volume 3 and this one features a few pop videos by Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, Ikara Colt and DJ Format. As well as 16 other animations and whatnots with yr typical electronicy nonsense in the background. This is the best...view item »

Ikara Colt
Modern Feeling

Those cheeky London scamps, Ikara Colt, are back with a new single called 'Modern Feeling' & for the1st time since first hearing them, I can honestly say I don't like this. Dunno if they're going for the daytime radio play angle, but this features a rather crass & rubbish riff, new wave-y disco beat & stinks of indie disco do...view item »

Ikara Colt
Modern Apprentice

London rabble rousers Ikara Colt return with their second album "Modern Apprentice". Now I love this caustic, punky  4 piece to bits but didn't they once spout off the legend that any band who makes more than X amount of records should be shot? Well, luckily for them I think everyone's forgotten. Especially as this is a fi...view item »

Ikara Colt
Wake In The City

Ok you had better be listening to me this week or there'll be trouble. Don't listen to the NME cos they're sycophantic bastards who destroy music. I know the score. Like this 'ere new single by Ikara Colt. It's just fabbo. A dark slice of spiky new wave that'll shit on the heads of most bands. The drummer has more talent in his left arm...view item »

Ikara Colt
Wanna Be That Way

London noiseniks Ikara Colt return with a new 7" & 2 CD singles. 'Wanna Be That Way' retains the template of yore, namely that whole Sonic Youth/scruffpunk (tm) axis I love so much. Sneering, snarling lyrics & a brilliant guitar hook underpinned by chaotic, flailing drums & a pure, rumbl...view item »

Ikara Colt
Chat And Business

We have a new Ikara Colt CD on Fantastic Plastic which sounds just like Sonic Youth circa Daydream Nation with a punk Can rhythm section. Chat And Business is competent fun scuzzy punkie indie rock rammed with tunes, energy and has massive balls the size of melons. Nice....view item »

Ikara Colt

Ikara Colt release a new single and it's rather fast and noisy. Edgey new wave punk with balls the size the melons. Punk ain't my bag but these do it well and it's interesting cos you can hear bits of Can in there which is always a good thing in my book. Rudd is ruddy excellent... gerrit?...view item »