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Will Johnson
Wire Mountain

Will Johnson was once known as Centro-Matic but is now on his sixth album under his own name. He's kind of like a Southern fried Robert Pollard both in delivery and reliability but Johnson is happy to move out of his comfort zone, Wire Mountain adds in a wealth of new textures to his lo-fi rocking sound and features a guest appearance from Thor Harris (Swans and Thor & Friends).  
  • Vinyl LP (KS0038LPC1)
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  • Coloured vinyl
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Molina & Johnson
Molina & Johnson

Recorded deep into Jason Molina's second incarnation of his band, the Magnolia Electric Co., Molina & Johnson sees the songwriter bat alt-country heads with contemporary country artist Will Johnson. The record sees both of them sacrifice the lighter, more earnestly pastoral sides of their craft for a dark, testing record of unkind and unloved folk music.