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dDamage, Hypo, Mils, Transbeauce, Various
Je Suis Un Etranger (I Am A Foreigner)

we have a compilation ' Je Suis Un Etranger' which has some decent racket on there and features Displacer, dDamage, Mils, Dscl, Sun Plexus, Aka_Bondage, Depatie, Xerak and more. A nice little snapshot of the French electronic underground which has some cool experimental hip-hop beats, weirdness and also a few more accessible moments. ...view item »
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Coco Douleur

I recall being alarmed, amused and entertained by Hypo's previous outings. This is a master of avant-garde French experimental pop collage at work. His outings used to be a bit more intense, demented and toytown-like if my memory serves me rightly. This new collection of collaborations is no less inventive and exotically charged as previous rele...view item »

Hypo & EDH
The Correct Use of Pets

The sleeve for 'The Correct Use Of Pets' by Hypo & EDH is bizarre. There's a scary looking woman staring menacingly with a toy panda and the worlds smallest pumpkin next to her on a table. What does it all mean??? I wonder what the correct use of pets is? Maybe you could get your Cat to wash the dishes for you or get your ...view item »
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Encre, Hypo, Colleen, Ddamage, Various
Active Suspension Vs Clapping Hands

CD (£7.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Random Veneziano

Both fat Bazzer 'n' my quiet cohort UncleClint (tm) have expressed enthusiasm for the last CD by Hypo on Active Suspension. Now there's a new one (called "Random Veneziano") & I'm up to deliver a diatribe about how great it is. No, really. This is bonkers music made with a totally POP attitude. Joseph Nothing...view item »

Karaoke A Capella

Active Suspension bring us a rather fantastic CD by Hypo which we've been loving big time loving time big over the last few weeks. Christ this is good.... Cut up electronica but unusually it focuses more on melody thus making a right good album. It's absolutely bonkers and reminds me of Josep...view item »