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Pink Turns Blue
If Two Worlds Kiss

Reissue of the debut LP from Cologne’s Pink Turns Blue here. 1987’s If Two Worlds Kiss is a seminal text of both darkwave and Goth, its doomy new-wave grooves and vampy vocals a harbinger of what was to come. This is still a hugely important record all these years later and is richly deserving of reissue. This new edition of If Two Worlds Kiss includes ‘A Moment Sometimes’, a track that hasn’t always made it onto vinyl pressings of the album in the past.
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Pink Turns Blue

Pink Turns Blue formed in Germany in the 1980s, but it was in former Yugoslavia where they recorded 'Meta'. They worked with JaneĢ Krizaj, who'd worked with Laibach, to produce an album that is to this day considered one of darkwave's masterpiece. And they did this while working in studio that was less than... up to date.