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Sightless Pit
Grave of a Dog

When purveyors of heavy music get together then things get really heavy as is proven by this collaboration between Lee Buford (The Body), Kristin Hayter  (Lingua Ignota) and Dylan Walker (Full of Hell). The project took them two years to make and the trio have carved out their own path which at times references their past work but creates a whole new entity. Their world view may be bleak but this carries an impressive emotional weight. 

Lingua Ignota

The eagerly anticipated new album from Kristin Hayter under her Lingua Ignota moniker, following up her rapturously received self-released 2017 album All Bitches Die. A study of the abuses of power set to raw soundscapes influenced by industrial and ambient music, Caligula sees Hayter access the next level of artistry.