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Max de Wardener
Music For Detuned Pianos

The latest album from composer Max de Wardener does what it says on the tin really being a collection of pieces written on detuned acoustic pianos and performed by Kit Downes. Surprisingly enough pianos aren't that easy to detune (or to detune in the way you want them to) so this was a labour of love for de Wardener who drew inspiration from the likes of La Monte Young and Harry Partch in making these elegant compositions. 

Max de Wardener

Max de Wardener makes his debut appearance for Village Green Recordings with his latest album Kolmar, deliberately selected strange and sometimes redundant instruments from the early-to-mid 20th century. Fans of classic krautrock, particularly very early Kraftwerk and prime-time Can, are sure to love it! 

Max de Wardener

A two-track EP release preceding an album entitled Kolmar, which will be artist Max de Wardener’s debut effort for Village Green Recordings. First track ‘Palindrome’ is an extended jam aided by the skills of talented drummer Moses Boyd, while on the flip side there’s a techno trip-out entitled ‘Sun Dogs’.