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Over The Rainbow

In prolific fashion, Aussi experimentalists HTRK drop another album this year - this time under the guise of 'Over The Rainbow'. It's the duo's debut soundtrack, created for Jeremy Piexoto’s 2019 Scientology documentary. Centering on evocative waves of ambient soundscapes, the LP is a hazy and immersive journey.

Venus In Leo

Astrology's hot in 2019. 'Venus In Leo' is the fourth album from HTRK, the minimal electronic duo. Theirs is a sound that is finds an intense sadness in mundanity, that is communicated with minimal beats now freed from their noisy shells. As a Leo, I should probably have something to say about the album title. Unfortunately I know literally nothing about astrology.

Live at Corsica Studios, London, 4th May 2008

Back in 2008 the Australian anti-rockers HTRK performed at London’s Corsica Studios in support of Lydia Lunch. The group, who still counted the late Sean Stewart among their membership at the time, were going through a purple patch that would culminate in their 2009 debut LP. As such, this recording stands as a fine testament to their work in this particular epoch. Despite the lo-fi recording quality of Live At Corsica Studios, London, 4th May 2008 the band’s slo-mo grinds - equal-parts Suicide, My Bloody Valentine and The Bad Seeds - are mesmerising.
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Frankie + Jonny

Please enjoy these tracks from the soon-arriving Powell album Sport. These versions of Frankie + Johnny are a little different though, featuring bonus vocals from Jonnine Standish out of HTRK. It feels a little funny to have human vocals appended to the hard machine-sounds of Powell, but it works a treat! 12” on XL Recordings.

Body Lotion

On single-sided, etched vinyl and limited to only 350 copies. The three unreleased-until-now songs that feature were written in sessions for HRTK’s Work (Work Work) album from 2011. Released in collaboration with Sleeperhold Publications and David Ferrando Girraut, who provides the sleeve artwork and etching.


Seriously I never knew that it was pronounced Hate Rock. Not a clue. Anyway this is a re-press of a 2004 era (they have been going a long time haven't they?) live collection from quiet Melbourne band HTRK. It has them recorded simply but effectively using an old tape deck for that analogue sound. Sort of like their own the Trinity Sessions I guess. It caught the ear of Birthday Party feller Rowland S. Howard who subsequently produced their next album.  
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