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Bobby Oroza
This Love Instrumentals

An instrumental version of Bobby Oroza’s already much-beloved debut album 'This Love', originally released earlier in 2019. Teaming up with production team Cold Diamond & Mink, the record built on Oroza’s 2016 underground hit ‘This Love’, yielding a collection of minimalist musical constructions spanning soft-rock balladry to skeletal soul and funk, with Oroza’s low-key croon sitting atop the mix. 

Bobby Oroza
This Love

‘A soul-singer from Finland? Surely not!’ we hear you cry. But we reply - surely yes. Bobby Oroza may hail from Helsinki, but his debut LP This Love proves that he can kick it with the best of them. This is a superb set of Northern Soul homages with just the right amount of rose-tinted retro fetishism to them. Oroza’s tender voice is delightful. We expect some of these tunes will become sleeper hits - indeed, This Love’s title track already has, finding its way into films and TV shows and even an Earl Sweatshirt mixtape.