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John Beltran
Hallo Androiden

Acclaimed composer and producer John Beltran returns to the Delsin label for the first time in five years for his latest studio creation Hallo Androiden. Although the greys and blacks of the front cover hint at something unsettling, these eight tracks are among the most serene and joyful tracks Beltran has ever created. 
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Placid Angles (John Beltran)
First Blue Sky

For about two decades The Cry, the hitherto-only Placid Angles LP released on Peacefrog way back in 1997, appeared to be a one-off. John Beltran clearly felt he’d said all he needed to say with the project, and The Cry’s ambient breakbeat techno stood as the sole Placid Angles full-length. What a surprise, then, to find out that Beltran has followed up The Cry twenty-two years later. First Blue Sky is a similar set of tracks, all warm pads and 808s, and it finds itself right at home on Lone and Gabriola’s Magicwire (Gnork, Project Pablo).