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Roc Marciano

Long Island-based rapper and producer Rahkeim Calief Meyer - who has gone by Roc Marciano for his two-decade-long career - goes back to his roots for his latest album, Marcielago. Stripped down beats and keening soul samples are the order of the day, as Marci re-explores his native New York City and finds it has changed beyond recognition in places. 
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  • Roc Marciano

DJ Muggs x Roc Marciano

There’s a comfort to knowing that, whatever mutations hip-hop goes through, there will always be a strain of it that sounds like it was cooked up in a Brooklyn tenement block during the Clinton presidency. DJ Muggs and Roc Marciano have long been prime exponents of this such sound, so their collaboration on new ten-track record KAOS makes sense. The modern ears it’s now apparent just how much influence Wiki has taken from these two.
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  • Roc Marciano