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Live at Third Man Records

Suppose we’ve been getting this wrong all along. Suppose the Live At Third Man Records series isn’t a set of concert recordings given at Jack White’s boudoir. Suppose it’s LIVE At Third Man Records - as in, this lot LIVE there. All these rock bands pacing the corridors, smoking in corners, playing cards - generally idling, loitering, waiting for the moment that Mr. White calls their number and they’re ushered upstairs to play. ‘Hey, Wallows, you’re up’ barks Mr. White, nails grubby, Willy Wonka suit fraying at the elbows and knees; ‘and do the hits - I’m not keeping you here ‘cos I like you, y’know’. Lights on. The band play, the crowd cheers, and they’re sent back downstairs. For how long, no-one knows. After all, there are some people who Live At Third Man Records their whole life...

Nothing Happens

Nothing ever bloody happens does it? Well, I think Californian indie rockers Wallows are being a little disingenuous here. They’ve called their debut album Nothing Happens, but things like being lucky enough to release their own music - and on Atlantic Records no less - most definitely counts as something happening. It was produced by John Congleton and features a guest appearance from singer/songwriter Clairo.
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