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Hot Hot Heat
Future Breeds

Future Breeds doesn't sound like any other previous HHH material. The album has a 'live' feel to it, and you can really hear and appreciate every instrument and how tight these musicians are - it doesn't sound like every inch has been scrubbed major studio clean. The songs are great, lively, to-the-point, and have some really excellent bridges a...view item »

Hot Hot Heat
Happiness Ltd

Happiness Ltd. is the Canadian indie rock band's fourth full length album and it really shows how they have grown as musicians. The album retains the familiar Hot Hot Heat sound but expands it in new and exciting directions. The music is epic, the lyrics are catchy and meaningful, and the album has an energy that ties all the tracks together nic...view item »

Hot Hot Heat
Let Me In

This nostalgia stuff is getting ridiculous. Can you believe mad cow disease is back already? Its only just gone away. Just like Hot Hot Heat. Around 2004 they sounded a bit scratchy and Talking Heads like. They have a new single out called "Let me in" They now sound like (insert big mega-bucks band name). Truly awful faceless indie nonsen...view item »

Hot Hot Heat
Middle Of Nowhere

Hot Hot Heat release a new single that screams PLEASE LIKE ME!!!! I have jerky guitars, kooky vocals, you don't have to concentrate too hard on me, I won't confuse you or make you think. In fact I think you'll love me. You can do the washing up to me. Its like Talking Heads produced by Simon Cowell. Fats shouts Dexys Mid...view item »

Hot Hot Heat
Knock Knock Knock

Hot Hot Heat are the next big thing hurtling out of Canada hot on the heels of Celine Dion and erm....Bryan Adams (sorry Canada cheap gag at your expense I know you have some fine bands really). This is a really really catchy slice of pop that had me cartwheeling across the room for the f...view item »