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Hot Club De Paris
The Rise and Inevitable Fall of the High School Suicide Cluster Band EP

.....and the award for the longest EP title ever goes to...Hot Club De Paris. This record is worth more than that accolade. The songs are super catchy, and pretty direct. The lyrics are playful and humorous. I reckon these chaps have chilled out slightly and they seem to be all the better for it. Not that they were crappy in the first place, but...view item »

Hot Club De Paris
Live At Dead Lake

Now I've always had time for Hot Club De Paris. I know they're great because their records just shuffle out steadily rather than shit out for 6 months then stiff. Slow burner bands are always more convincing. Moshi Moshi know they've a long term prospect on their hands with this Liverpool based 3 piece. Their songs are an irresistible blend of skit...view item »

Hot Club De Paris
Hey House Brick

Hot Club De Paris: Hey! Housebrick (Moshi Moshi) Is a song about a housebrick and its life/journey. Who'd write a song about whether a stone's laid in a building or pummeling through a car window. Like Los Campesinos they include an infectious shouted/yelped chorus line and a fine line in crafted pop with punk attitude (intentional or not). I like ...view item »

Hot Club De Paris
Clockwork Toy

Hot Club De Paris have a new 7" out on Moshi Moshi 'n all. I liked these folks 1st single and everything else didn't do a right lot for me. Here's some more slightly twiddly indie rock for you. It's OK.... doesn't do much for me on 1st listen at all. But then what the cock do I know about anything at all. It's called Clockwork Toy which is som...view item »

Hot Club De Paris

first up in my fire hazardous hands I have HOT CLUB DE PARIS with 'Shipwreck' It's a pretty fun record with fast intricate bass action with sing along vocals and jerking rhythms and stuff. Seems this sort of thing comes easy to the lads and its got a laid back feel to it that neither strikes the match of joy or bores the bones. Only got o...view item »

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