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Intrications quantiques

Intrications quantiques is an album of piano-based music by Watine AKA Catherine Watine. She has played the piano with both sustan and sostenuto pedals depressed throughout and added a Lyra 8 keyboard, some violins, cellos and percussion. To that she has added field recordings - of what she calls the sounds we don’t pay attention to - and cut up segments of her own piano demo recordings. 

Géometries sous-cutanées (Subcutaneous Layers)

Apparently hailing from Paris, Watine hold forth their tantalisingly-titled new album Geometries sous-cutanees, or Subcutaneous Layers. The Watine house style is a sort of highly-atmospheric melancholy instrumental folk, but with plenty of electronic treatments and layers, as well as unidentified sounds creeping around the edges of the mix. Rather engaging stuff. Double LP on Catgang.


Originally released earlier in 2019, Maison Geometries feat. Watine is the result of French musician Watine asking fellow musicians to remix and generally tinker with her original work. With the likes of Richard Adams, Christian Quermalet and Sébastien Paindestre at the controls, it plays as an uninterrupted sequence. 
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