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Pavel Milyakov Vinyl, CD & tapes by Pavel Milyakov at Norman Records

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Pavel Milyakov (Buttechno)
La Maison De La Mort

Pavel Milyakov is known for his original take on dance under the name Buttechno. On La Maison De La Morte he creates shapeless soundscapes that recall the soundtrack work of electronic composer Eduard Artemyev or perhaps Autechre’s  Chiastic Slide album. The expansive nature of the music can be compared to Pete Kember’s (Spacemen 3) work. It’s certainly something that will appeal to all you Normanites out there! Double LP on Berceuse Heroique.

Minimal Cuts

Anthony Naples’/Jenny Slattery’s Incienso imprint (DJ Python, People Plus) drop an EP from the excellently-named Buttechno. The RASSVET boss may have titled this one Minimal Cuts, but not all is as it seems here. Sure, ‘Orient ACD’ and ‘Dub Hole Funking’ are low-key bits of flippy-floppy house, but the rubbery basslines that characterise ‘RZ Bass’ and ‘Dubber Funk’ are a mite busier than the one might expect from a record that self-identifies as ‘minimal’.
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  • Pavel Milyakov


Buttechno is such a cool name, although I did originally read the press release as 'a faint rumble is heard from behind the horizon Buttechno cheeks'. It's a fart joke if you haven't already gathered, *one person slowly claps*. ZCAPRI is released on a four-track 12" vinyl, on Zodiac 44. This is the seventh of twelve releases from Buttechno.