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The Declining Winter
Belmont Slope

No one evokes the emotional atmospheres of the North quite like Richard Adams, so thank god he's made Belmont Slope, a musical fable about the M62. Mysterious and muffled, he returns with his Declining Winter moniker to detail further secrets hiding in the Yorkshire soil. If it's anything l...view item »

British Radars

The lo-fi indie crew known as Hood originally wanted British Radars to be released as a a 7” in 1994, but nothing came of it. In 2015 however, these 6 tracks have indeed been pressed to vinyl, in a limited edition! Several alternate versions dragged up from the archives, very exciting for Hood hea...view item »

Memory Drawings
Phantom Lights

Very limited edition tour CD from this Anglo/American collective featuring members of Hood, Brave Timbers and Manyfingers. 'Phantom Lights' is like an annexe to the their earlier 'The Nearest Exit' album featuring several brand new tracks alongside a remix by Barnaby Carter. Dulcimer-led, rhythmic post rock, folk and neo-classical that sits in a...view item »

The Cycle of Days and Seasons

Hood's fourth full-length album and their second for Domino Records. This one sees them deconstructing their songwriting with a dub-inflected sound incorporating decaying tape loops, found samples and half-speed beats alongside their usual gentle guitars and hushed vocals. Co-produced by Matt Elliott (Third Eye Foundatio...view item »

Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys

'Rustic Houses, Forlorn Valleys' was Hood's first album for Domino following on from their two earlier lo-fi albums for Slumberland. It announced a drastic departure in their sound from the previous inventive indie to a less noisy, more tranquil approach that haunted the edges of post-rock. These six lengthy songs sprea...view item »

Memory Drawings
The Nearest Exit

Third album from the Anglo/American collective Memory Drawings, featuring members of Hood, Manyfingers, Brave Timbers and Movietone. Pushing their exquisite dulcimer/guitar/violin sound deeper into the heart of post-rock (with nods towards Bark Psychosis...view item »

Compilations 1995-2002

The second of the CD collections of all the various bits of Wetherby's finest. This one collects all the tracks that appeared on split singles, compilations etc during their long history and remarkably despite it's diversity from lo-fi pop to electronics to rhythmic post rock the collection stands up pretty well as a standalone LP.   ...view item »

Singles Compiled

Preposterous 59 track double CD of all the bands mid-era singles on a variety of labels such as Earworm and 555. Ranges wildly from lo-fi pop to electronica to field recordings to blissed out pastoralism. Contains 15 previously unreleased tracks.  A must for any discerning fan of the Wetherby based band. ...view item »

Northern Exchange
The Loveliest Lanes We Knew

Northern Exchange were a short-lived duo, operating from either side of the Pennines. They only put together one EP in their time, with three short tracks, and here it is. The Loveliest Lanes We Knew is a sweet set of songs, made with minimal means and (apparently) a deep love of Young Marble Giants. A ...view item »

The Negatives

Big up the Wetherby art pop massive! Local rock behemoths Hood return from their US of A tour-a-thon only to bugger off to Japan for a week leaving us all clutching a hot off the press new single, 'The Negatives'. This ain't the Kaiser Chiefs baby. We have here a kaleidoscope of dreampop bliss with some right fresh electronica flo...view item »


Domino finally do the decent thing and collect together all of Hood's '90s and '00s output on the label into one box so you can store it in its very own section in your record collection. If this is what happens when you tot up the money collected from Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand mega...view item »

Outside Closer

Well you've all been waiting over three years for those shambling West Yorks slouches Hood to deliver another long player & now It's here. 'Outside Closer' is the title & before you ask, we sold out of the ltd 2 CD set in 4 hours last Friday so please don't ask us for it!!!! Big respect to the boys & label Domino for k...view item »


the song useless is a total jam.  and don't forget this was released a full 4 years before the 'indie' rock explosion of 2001.  hood are devastatingly underrated.  the drum loop is so off-kilter and psychotic.  then they layer in a forlorn clarinet solo to really hammer home the bent out of shape despair and pre-millenium tension that we all...view item »

Cold House

One of the best albums of the early 2000's. The hitherto lo-fi ish Leeds collective had been already straying into more drifty pastoral areas when out of the blue came this album in which modernist electronics collided with melancholic song craft and leftfield hip-hop courtesy of cLOUDDEAD who appear on three tracks.   &nbs...view item »

The Lost You

Something to cheer you up is the new Hood single. The long awaited return of the Leeds four... Firstly I'd like to start by saying I love this single. 5 tracks on dbl 7" and CD, 4 new tracks and 1 album track... the vinyl is limited to 500 copies. So that's the facts and figures sorted. It starts off like Prefuse 73, cuts int...view item »

Various (Hood, Piano Magic, Wedding Present, Walkmen etc...)
Talitres Is 5

Hood/ Themselves

Finally it's here. A lot of yous have been waiting for this mother.  yep the hOod/ Themselves 7" picture disc on Rocket Racer is finally here. Slightly more expensive than we wanted due to those nice folks at customs..... What we have here is is essentially a hOod 7" with the flipside being a Themselves...view item »

Hood, Boyracer, Baby Doll Lounge, Various
The Wetherbeat Scene 88-91

I spent most of my formative teenage years in an evergreen West Yorkshire fantasy land called Wetherby. It's one of those places where there's nothing much for the young and stupid to do apart from get bored and become annoyed at the whole smalltownmentalityness of it all but for all that there were good times - hours playing football, not doing yo...view item »

Franz Ferdinand, Psapp, Hood
Hallam Foe OST

V/A: "Hallam Foe", Original Soundtrack (Domino) It's a soundtrack to a film I haven't seen but it begins with Orange Juice's seminal Post-Punk pre indie-pop classic 'Blue Boy'. There's also contributions from King Creosote, Junior Boys, Hood, Juana Molina, James Yorkston, Cinema amongst others. I think maybe the exclusive is Franz Ferdina...view item »

Hood, Jasper Leyland, Various
Little Things

Various Artists: 'Little Things' (Flau) An eighteen track odyssey from the popular Japanese imprint, collects tracks from a diverse company of artists and groups including: Jasper Leyland; Hood; Part Timer; F.S. Blumm; Cokiyu and The Boats amongst others. Leyland's crisp embers of light electronica, percussive ticks and gentle strum more or less se...view item »

You Show No Emotion

Some of the bits from last week which arrived and were criminally ignored for starters. Hood then. After a gruelling whirlwind tour of the US the sweet young boys are about to embark on a tour of the European Union. Here we have a 4 track CD single with a bonus CD Rom at the end (Hood do pop ...view item »

Home Is Where It Hurts

Also in this week is the new Hood single (Home Is Where It Hurts) which is just marvellous. Am not just saying that cos I know 'em but it's is dead good. They seem to be getting better and it's just really lovely. One of those bands that are hard to categorise and seem to be getting better with old age so I ...view item »

Hood, Billy Mahonie, Rothko, Various
Bucolique Vol 1

Also finally in is the Bucolique Vol 1 French comp CD with the likes of Billy Mahonie, Hood, Rothko and then a lot of strange electronic folks on there. Those 3 tracks are by far the stand out tracks and exclusive they all are. If they're not enough to tempt you also there's Chessie, Twisted ...view item »

Low, Hood, Mum, Various
Seasonal Greetings

'Seasonal Greetings' is a compilation of Winter and Crimbo related tunes brought to you by the folks that put out the fine 'Asthmatic Worm' CD a while back. Mobile records have selected an admirable roster of acts for this, including Leeds' very own Hood, Mum, St Etienne, Badly Drawn Boy, Opiate, Lo...view item »