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Black Doldrums
She Divine

An expansive concoction of old-fashioned psych-rock, heavy metal riffing and billowing shoegaze with a decided emphasis on volume, London-based duo Black Doldrums - drummer Sophia Lacroix and lead singer / guitarist Kevin Gibbard - return with a brand new five-track EP on pink vinyl titled She Divine. 
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Black Doldrums
Sad Paradise

Club AC30 (Pinkshinyultrablast, Ringo Deathstarr) drop an LP from psychedelic twosome Black Doldrums. On Sad Paradise the pair of them come up with a racket that would put bands double their size to shame. Tracks such as ‘There Is No Eye’ combine the droning psychedelia of early Primal Scream with Britrock swagger reminiscent of The Stone Roses and Oasis.
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  • Black Doldrums