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Curve of Earth

There's a hint of Throbbing Gristle's innocuous album cover to their dark 20 Jazz Funk Greats about the cover to Curve of Earth by Ohtis. Where Gristle's cheesy LP cover hid a whirl of crunching Industrial rock, the cutesy cover to Curve of Earth is brought into question with a look at the tracklisting; 'Pervert Blood', 'Rehab' and 'Junkie Heaven' among them. The music however, is a delightful blend of woozy and indeed cutesy folk in the vain of Mac Demarco, even if the lyrics might be a bit dark in places.     


Ohtis are a three-piece band who hail from Illinois and play country-tinged, dusty Americana. Their lyrics come from the Josh T. Pearson school of raconteurism whilst their music draws comparisons to Wilco’s contemplative material and Phosphorescent with its laid-back strums and emotive pedal steel. Runnin’ is their latest single. 7” on Full Time Hobby.
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