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The Silver Field
Sing High! Sing Low!

Drawn from the same collection of source material as last year’s exceptional debut album Rooms, Coral Rose’s The Silver Field prepares its second full-length release. Sing High! Sing Low! thematically follows on from it as well, but this time the songs sound much more confident and outgoing. 

The Silver Field

Nice new thing on Tim Burgess’ O Genesis (Richard Youngs, Daniel O’Sullivan) here. The Silver Field is the project of one Coral Rose and the various instruments/bits of recording equipment that she’s collected down the years. On Rooms, Rose spools out a brand of dreamy, pastoral post-punk pitched somewhere between Durutti Column and Panda Bear. She’s got a beautiful voice too - it wouldn’t be a stretch to say she sounds like Joni Mitchell.
  • Vinyl LP (OGEN80LP)