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Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz
Mona Lisa

So there’s this bit in Never Stop Never Stopping, the extremely underrated feature-length film from The Lonely Island, where Andy Samberg’s Justin Bieber-type character sings a song about the Mona Lisa. It’s so, so, so funny and has imprinted itself on the brain of this young blurb writer for the rest of time. As such, every time I see the words ‘Mona Lisa’ I can’t really pay attention to what’s going on for a while afterwards because I just start singing Samberg’s song in my head. Seriously, go watch it, it’s amazing. Basically I haven’t been able to concentrate long enough on Apollo Brown and Joell Ortiz’s collaborative LP Mona Lisa to properly appraise it. What I can tell you is that the tracks here are sort of rappity-ass rap music that will survive the nuclear holocaust. I can also confirm that it’s out on Mello Music Group.
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Joell Ortiz

Mondays are just awful for those of us on the working treadmill. Early starts, last night's Antiques Roadshow just a golden distant memory. Joell Ortiz loves Mondays though and that's because his job is rap and the start of the week is the opportunity to get back to work. His work is full of the verbal wordplay of hip-hop's golden age and shows a quick and dexterous delivery perfectly exemplified in blitzkrieg opener 'Captain'.