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Alan Hawkshaw / Keith Mansfield
Beat Incidental

Here's one for all of the people who want to get their scrobble numbers up. Alan Hawkshaw and Keith Mansfield worked together to create 32 tracks, some of which are under 10 seconds long. And you know what, a lovely 10 seconds they are too. Be With Records continue their raiding of the KPM archives, and if Beat Incidental is anything to go by, they probably shouldn't stop.
  • Vinyl LP (BEWITH060LP)

Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett

Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw see their 1974 LP Synthesis reissued as part of Be With Records’ KPM Music Record Library series. Coming out in the same year as the pair's celebrated Synthesizer And Percussion album, Synthesis is another cutting-edge (for the time) fusion of library jazz-funk and the electronic styles that were just beginning to filter into mainstream music. Stereolab and Ghost Box were likely paying close attention back in the day.
  • Vinyl LP (BEWITH046LP)

Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett
Synthesizer & Percussion

Alan Hawkshaw and Brian Bennett are among the creme de la creme of library music composers. For 1974’s Synthesizer And Percussion the pair chose to put the ARP synth - a relatively unexplored piece of gear at the time - through its paces. The resulting is a record of oddball jazz-funk instrumentals. Its title is something of a red herring - the final five tracks find former Cliff Richard & The Shadows drummer Bennett taking a backseat and giving Hawkshaw free reign to noodle away on the keys. Now reissued by Be With Records.
  • Vinyl LP (BEWITH050LP)

Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennett
Full Circle

While you might not know Alan Hawkshaw or Brian Bennett by name it’s quite likely that you’re familiar with their work. The library compositions of the pair have been sampled by everyone from Kanye West to Drake to The xx to Nas. Their latest LP Full Circle is classic stuff from the duo, all big-band modes and laid back jazz-funk.
  • Vinyl LP (BEWITH051LP)

Alan Hawkshaw / Brian Bennett / John Fiddy
Hot Wax

In 1976 a trio of acclaimed session musicians and library/film/TV composers came together to create an LP for the KPM Music Recorded Library that showcased ‘the latest trends in production music’. Said album? Hot Wax. Said artists? Brian Bennett (a former Cliff Richard & The Shadows kit man), John Fiddy and Alan Hawkshaw (one-time member of The Tony Visconti Orchestra). Be With Records have done the sensible thing and capitalised on a resurgent interest in library sounds by reissuing the record.
  • Vinyl LP (BEWITH043LP)

Keith Mansfield / Alan Hawkshaw / David Snell
Big Business / Wind Of Change

This LP may have the names Alan Hawkshaw and David Snell on the spine, but the bulk of the work here is done by Keith Mansfield (he of the Grandstand theme fame). For this 1973 album now reissued by Be With Records, Mansfield crafts a series of pomp-and-circumstance instrumentals. Hawkshaw and Snell cameo with a piece apiece. Big Business/Winds Of Change is a good cop for all you library music fans out there.
  • Vinyl LP (BEWITH044LP)

Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw
Black Pearl

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Alan Hawkshaw
The Road Forward

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