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Bendik Giske

Saxophone-wunderkind Bendik Giske delivering his hypnotizing debut. With the sense of a more accessible and less intimidating Colin Stetson, the Norwegian explores all the nooks and crannies of the sax. Surrender is the man’s first full-length but it’s packed with warm sounds, the clicking of valves, and mesmerizing rhythms. Great reed, would recommend.

Bendik Giske

Oslo artist Bendik Giske here articulates the music, narratives and musical narratives of club culture using little more than a saxophone. If it sounds a bit strange it’s because it is, but Giske’s highly focused and expressive project is also very compelling and gorgeous. Comes armed with remixes and reinterpretations by the motley crew of Total Freedom, Lotic, Deathprod and Rezzett.
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  • Bendik Giske