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Alison Chesley, Steve Albini, Tim Midyett
Music from the film Girl on the Third Floor

Look at that terrifying house. It depicts the upcoming horror film Girl on the Third Floor made by director Travis Stevens. To create a suitably creepy soundtrack he recruited Steve Albini to put together a collective and he in turn drafted in Tim Midyett (Mint Mile, Silkworm) and Alison Chesley (Helen Money). A truly fascinating sounding concept. 

Zeni Geva & Steve Albini
Maximum Implosion

This release by Zeni Geva (the noise rock band led by KK Null) and Steve Albini (producer extraordinaire and Big Black / Shellac main bastard) gathers up all their collaborations from over the years, with material including 1992 live tracks and tracks from the rare Superunit release. Comprehensive and also crushingly heavy double CD set.

Big Black
Songs About Fucking

You already know it, but Big Black are Steve Albini's old band of pisstakey punk-churners, offering transgressions at a super-fast rate as they squirm and snarl their way through the classic Songs About Fucking. This was the band's second and last record, offering industrial noise bluster like never before and even propping up a cover of Kraftwerk's "Model".