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Hisato Higuchi Vinyl, CD & tapes by Hisato Higuchi at Norman Records

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Hisato Higuchi
Otomeyama Bottoms

  • Vinyl LP (8MM 057)
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Hisato Higuchi
Kietsuzukeru Echo

Japanese guitarist and vocalist Hisato Higuchi records entirely at home and creates incredibly delicate and minimal soft “songs” that are almost a whisper, someone learning chords in the distance whilst humming ghost melody ideas. You can’t turn it up because the recording hiss will overpower it, it is meant to be this gentle, ease into it.

Hisato Higuchi

Reissue of Japanese guitarist Hisato Higuchi’s debut EP She, expanded with two never released before tracks from his original recording sessions and made available on vinyl for the first time. Incredible delicate and nuanced guitar strumming awash with ethereal electronic fuzzes and glitches akin to Machinefabriek and outer-body vocal groans.

Hisato Higuchi

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  • Hisato Higuchi