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Spencer Grady / Fermata Ark / Mark Wastell
Thus : Excerpts From A Smaller Work

Recorded between the UK and Iceland a couple of years ago, Thus: Excerpts From A Smaller Work constitutes edits of improvised, one-take recordings from Harry Smith (a.k.a. Fermata Ark), backed by strings and other instrumentation by Spencer Grady and producer Mark Wastell. Together, they create an immersive sound world that lends itself to headphones and private listening.

Rhodri Davies / David Sylvian / Mark Wastell
There Is No Love

Rhodri Davies and Mark Wastell performed this piece at Cafe Oto in 2016 playing along to a recording of Sylvian reading out the lyrics. The recorded version is just as disconnecting, with the latter's beautifully ageing voice combining with the former's harps and vibraphone and Wastell's...well...everything.