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Kali Malone
The Sacrificial Code

An exciting new work of minimalist wonder from Kali Malone, with additional contributions from Ellen Arkbro. The Sacrificial Code stretches across nearly two hours, and it's all about the organs. These majestic instruments are played with an austere drone purity, and are recorded in such a way as to give them a very particular texture. Out on iDEAL Recordings.
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Kali Malone
Cast Of Mind

Drones for synthesiser and woodwind. The lazy thing to do would be to compare Cast of Mind to Ellen Arkbro's excellent For Brass and Organ. But I am lazy, so I will. Where Arkbro focussed on the analogue Kali Malone, juxtaposes it with the digital, allowing for further exploration. On Hallow Ground.

Kali Malone
Organ Dirges 2016-2017

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