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You’d be hard-pushed to find an artist who hustles harder than Charli XCX - one senses that even the 'XCX' tag which adorns her songs took dozens of takes to get right. It is this indomitable work ethic and steely vision which has propelled the more »

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Charli XCX
how i’m feeling now

'how i’m feeling now' is album number four from pop superstar Charli XCX and it comes just 8 months after her last album, Charli. She recorded the album in just six weeks during lockdown, inspired by the pandemic/quarantine situation. Includes the singles 'Forever', 'Claws' and 'I Finally Understand'.

Charli XCX

There was a girl on my course at university who was best friends with Charli XCX from school. This was just when Ms. XCX was beginning to become famous (we’re talking ‘Boom Clap’ days), and I often wondered if I’d ever get to meet her at a houseparty or whatever, but our paths never crossed. Her friend was nice though, so by that logic we’re going to say that Charli XCX is probably pretty nice too. Go Charli! Her third, sort-of-self-titled LP will surely cement her legacy as the premiere alt-pop star of our age - the inheritor of Lady Gaga’s crown, perhaps? Charli features the ginormous singles ‘1999’ (ft. Troye Sivan) and ‘Blame It On Your Love’ (ft. Lizzo). Haim, A. G. Cook, Cupcakke and a bunch of other famous names also contribute.

Charli XCX
Number 1 Angel / Pop 2

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