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Jess Williamson

Like a lot of other artists, Texan singer-songwriter Jess Williamson is looking for meaning in her life and in her art. On her fourth album she addresses such issues by way of country music and West Coast psychedelia with nods to Dolly Parton and '70s film soundtracks. She tried to predict what the future will look like in these uncertain times and Mexican Summer have got in on the act by pressing the limited edition vinyl on 'crystal ball' coloured wax. 

Jess Williamson
Cosmic Wink

Dreaming the cosmic dream, dancing the cosmic dance, winking the Cosmic Wink. That’s what Jess Williamson is up to on her latest LP. Her third record - and first for Mexican Summer - is rooted in Americana and Byrds-y songcraft, but lyrically it finds Williamson gazing up at the stars. She ponders love, death, Jung and more on this wistful, pretty record.