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Studio Mule
Visible Cloaks Remix

Studio Mule’s BGM LP was a record full of covers of rare grooves from Japan. Visible Cloaks (Spencer Doran) knows a thing or two about Japanese music - check the Kanky┼Ź Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990 compilation he curated for Light In The Attic - so it makes sense to get him in on remix duties. He fully blisses out two tracks from BGM on this gorgeous EP of ambient drone. Think Ian William Craig.

Studio Mule

‘But I thought Studio Mule was just a label?’ we hear you cry. You’re right, but now the Japanese imprint has added an in-house band to its arsenal. On BGM label head Toshiya Kawasaki has assembled a crackpot team to help him reinterpret tracks from artists like Yellow Magic Orchestra and Burt Bacharach (though the version of Bacharach’s ‘The April Fools’ here draws more on the Yukihiro Takahashi cover) in a dreamy Balearic/City Pop style. Dip In The Pool’s Miyako Koda provides vocals on two songs.

Studio Mule
Carnaval feat. Miyako Kouda

Clearly no longer content with being one of the most consistently excellent house labels of the last decade, Mule Musiq branch out with this mysterious new Studio Mule project. Not much is known about the group’s membership - our guess is that MM boss Toshiya Kawasaki might have something to do with it. However, there are three things that we can say for sure: 1) ‘Carnaval’ is a cover of a Taeko Ohnuki’s classic. 2) This version features vocals from Dip In The Pool’s Miyako Kouda. 3) Both edits of the track here are perky acid/disco jams that will bring a smile to your face.
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