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Erland Cooper
Solan Goose

Prolific multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper—also of The Magnetic North and Erland and The Carnival fame—defies genre categorisation, his eclectic sound ranging from electro experiments, lilting folktronica and evocative poetry set to classical tropes. This vinyl release, out on Phases, explores his Scottish origins, each track named after a bird familiar to his native Orkney. 

Erland Cooper
Sule Skerry

The sea. Really big isn't it? And sort of flappy. Living in Orkland Erland Cooper knows all about the sea and has decided to make his second album all about the great big wet thing. Previous album Solan Goose (all about the goose?) got all kind of plaudits from the likes of the Quietus, 6 Music etc so expect this one to do the same...but wetter. 

Erland Cooper
Hether Blether

Scottish multi-instrumentalist Gawain Erland Cooper releases the third instalment in a trilogy of LPs which are thematically informed by the geography and history of the Orkney Islands, where he grew up. Hether Blether takes the landscape of the islands as its inspiration, conjuring up a atmospheric mixture of words, imagery and sound.