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Electric Indigo

Electric Indigo (aka Susanne Kirchmayr) here explores the richness of various forms of metal by recording the sounds and manipulating them into percussive and undulating pieces. The results are meditative collection full of motion and resonance. Not without pattern, percussion and resulting in a strangely danceable work.  
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  • Electric Indigo

Electric Indigo
5 1 1 5 9 3

female:pressure founder and former Hard Wax employee Electric Indigo has been around for almost three decades now, so it’s quite a surprise that 5 1 1 5 9 3 is her debut LP. She uses all of the tricks she’s picked up over the years to create an album that balances serious electroacoustic compositional chops with the visceral immediacy of IDM and central European techno. If tracks like ‘Ntandathu’ are the sound of the club in full-swing, ‘The Landing’ is what happens after everyone’s gone home. Release on Monolake’s Imbalance Computer Music.