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A Script For Machine Synthesis

A mainstay at the Mego label, and moving with them onto Editions Mego artist Hecker tests philosophy with sound art. Working with philosopher Reza Negarestani Hecker brings the third part of his text-sound works in A Script For Machine Synthesis. No real voices used, all words are synth...view item »


More scientifically-derived audio-insanity from master-of-this-sort-of-thing Florian Hecker. Similar to his Chimerization series, at the centre of these pieces lie voices reciting a text: in this case the speaker is the famed Joan La Barbara. Her voice is manipulated, juxtaposed against itself, made str...view item »

Recordings For Rephlex

Just to damage my cranium I've stuck on HECKER's (Florian not Tim) 'Recordings For Rephlex' CD. I'm not gonna subject Brian to much of this as he'll probably explode too. If the gaffer gets back tomorrow morning and we're both exploded all over the office he won't be best pleased. If you're looking for some highly experimental s...view item »


To modify a phrase of Kafka’s: it makes sense, but not to us… A text written by an Iranian philosopher is recited in three different languages (on three different releases), and the voice is severely treated by computer noise wizard Florian Hecker. It sounds pretty insane. This is the English version....view item »


To rewrite a phrase of Kafka’s: it makes sense, but not to us… An Iranian philosophical text is recited in three different languages (on three different releases), and the voice is radically treated by big-deal digital noisician Florian Hecker. Complex, disarming, mind-boggling listening. This is the German version....view item »

Chimerization (Farsi)

To rewrite a phrase of Kafka’s: it makes sense, but not to us… A text by Iranian philosopher Reza Negarestani is recited in three different languages (on three different releases), and Florian Hecker Heckerises the result in accordance with some dense psychoacoustic theory. Brilliant in other words....view item »

2/8 Bregman 4/8 Deutsch 7/8 Hecker 1/8 Holler

Florian Hecker is back with four whole sides of his mind-bending computer music for us to struggle to comprehend - just the listening material I need half an hour before the end of a shift, I'm sure you'll agree. This album opens with a repeated scale, high pitched and percussive, with ga...view item »

Speculative Solution

The slightly inflated price on this disc is justified by the smart debossed metallic printed box in which it is housed. It contains 5 tiny ball-bearings but after handing my copy around the office goons mine now only contains four. Who would steal this minuscule metallic object from yours truly??? One can only ho...view item »

Sun Pandamonium

For some unknown reason it never crossed my mind that this album would ever see the light of day on vinyl. I'm pleased to report that Pan have spared no expense in creating a super deluxe vinyl edition housed in an ultra modern screen printed PVC outer sleeve containing six monochrome lacquered sheets. This was originally released on Mego ...view item »

Acid In The Style Of David Tudor

When we played Hecker's 'Acid In The Style Of David Tudor' disc in the office the response was mixed. Phil was distracted from his daily tasks which require concentration and it's clear to see why as Hecker's sounds demand/ command your full attention. They're intrusive and in your face, and at high volume your ears are being utilized to their full...view item »

3 track 12"

OK. I've got one last review to do this week. It's a 12" by Florian Hecker. Top wax for your club DJ. If you played this at a party I reckon you'd get stabbed up by 95% of the crowd. The first track is what I'd term as amphibian techno. It's monged-out bullfrog belch madness that actually hits some semblance of a real groove towards the last thi...view item »

Haswell & Hecker
Blackest Ever Black

Haswell & Hecker: "Blackest Ever Black" (Warner Classics) is an academic exercise in sound exploration that deploys Xenakiss' UPIC sysytem. This system enables the composer to virtually turn images into sound or "the implementation of a graphic approach to sound synthesis". I recently attended a live rendition of H&H's D...view item »

Hecker Höller Tracks

Hecker,Holler, 'Tracks' (Semishigure) Double LP of Post-music from the boffin of all boffins on the boffin scene that is the international sound art circuit. You can either consume this as some sort of non-music, post post-. It's way beyond what you may have heard before. Highly repetitive blocks of sound shuffled around, budged, smudged, rolled an...view item »

Hecker/ Voafose

HECKER/VOAFOSE have a curious old 10" out on Rephlex. The A side, Ant convinces me, is the sound of a cricket spanking it's monkey. On loop. This is the future of electronic music obviously. If Rephlex have released this then it must be. Micro gabba for retarded mice on methamphetamine. 2 more slabs of minimal electro...view item »