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Laurence Pike
Holy Spring

Former Liars/Bill Callahan/DD Dumbo collaborator and Szun Waves member Laurence Pike drops his second solo LP via The Leaf Label (Snapped Ankles, The Comet Is Coming). Holy Spring bracingly combines free jazz, electronica, post-rock and the pagan classical composition of Igor Stravinsky. It’s no coincidence that Holy Spring shares a word with Stravinsky’s seminal Rite Of Spring. Tracks like ‘Drum Chant’ sound like something from Music From Memory if it had been plied with peyote. Really cool record.
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Laurence Pike
Distant Early Warning

Laurence Pike is the drumming part of PVT (Pivot), Szun Waves and Triosk, but he also has a solo practice, which he is sharing with us for the first time here on Distant Early Warning. These six tracks, which were all recorded live during one day in the studio (very efficient), are played by Pike on drumkit and sampler, and the variety of sounds and textures achieved is impressive. Distant Early Warning is released by The Leaf Label.