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Joey Dosik
Inside Voice

Vulfpeck continue to extend their insidious tendrils into every facet of contemporary music. Joey Dosik may not be a full-time member of the Berkley ‘band’, but his solo output bears a similar element of nudge-nudge-wink-wink to that group's output. Inside Voice, his debut solo LP, thinks it’s doing a Father John Misty thing when it’s actually doing an Adam Levine thing. We can also blame this one on Moses Sumney, Theo Katzmann, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, among others.
  • Vinyl LP (SC364LP-C1)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • CD (SC364CD)

Joey Dosik
Game Winner (Deluxe Edition)

Joey Dosik’s Game Winner is a mini-album that turned out to be all about basketball: watching TV sports while recovering from an injury meant that Joey’s writing became permeated by the beautiful game. Game Winner is, as I say, a mini-album, but this deluxe reissue (of the initial 2016 release) adds four additional tracks, which I guess makes it a full album now! On Secretly Canadian.
  • CD (SC363CD)