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Caroline Rose

On the cover to her last album Caroline Rose was pictured in a tracksuit with her mouth literally full to the brim with cigarettes. This one is totally different. which begs the question what would any artist have done before David Bowie or Madonna eh? Anyway on her second album Ms Rose makes an album even bigger and even badder and more glittery than her last one as she tries to find out what happens when fame and fortune fade. It would be unkind perhaps to suggest she will find out for herself soon enough.  

Caroline Rose

With its combination of wry, caustic lyrics and zany synth-rockabilly instrumentals, the second LP from Caroline Rose is easy to like. Singles ‘Money’ and ‘Soul No. 5’ are clever, pepped-up and above all really fun, while Rose remains a simultaneously commanding and welcoming presence throughout. We’re somewhere between St. Vincent, The Gun Club and Colleen Green here, and it’s a very nice place indeed.