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The Cold Spells

The Cold Spells are three-piece from London and Essex made up of Tim Ward, Mark Farmer and Catherine Plewa. They make folk music tinged with psychedelia that when push comes to shove you could put in the folktronica box. Interstitial is their new album, the follow-up to their 2018 self-titled debut outing.  Elements of Nick Drake and Syd Barrett bound together with modern production techniques.

The Cold Spells
- .... . / -.-. --- .-.. -.. / ... .--. . .-.. .-.. ...

Kind of eponymous album from East London/Essex weird folk duo, The Cold Spell. I say kind of because, for those of you not fluent in morse, those dots and dashes spell the band's name. Eccentric songs with a traditional soul made from acoustic guitars, drum machines, and a The Wicker Man-ish sense of unease.