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Doctor Fluorescent
Doctor Fluorescent

A dreamy and ethereal listening experience for fans of vintage synths and drum machines, Doctor Fluorescent is a new project conceived of by Californian artists Scott Gilmore and Eddie Ruscha. Doctor Fluorescent tells the story of a mad scientist who creates soundtrack music from discarded electronic instruments. 
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  • E Ruscha V

Secret Circuit
Out Of Body Interiors

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E Ruscha V
Who Are You

This blurb writer is suffering from quite bad insomnia at the moment, and as such some of the music in the Norman description list is having a particularly strong effect on my sleep-deprived brain. As soon as I put on the title track and lead single for Who Are You, my weary face burst into a big old grin. It’s lovely stuff from E Ruscha V - an artist you might better know as Secret Circuit - combining tropicalia, ambient and cosmic electro influences to create music that heads straight for the pleasure centre.