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Tommy Mandel
Music For Insomniacs

Tommy Mandel’s main job was playing keyboards in Bryan Adams backing band. You’ve got to earn a living somehow, I guess. His real passion was for making esoteric synth music. Music For Insomniacs is an album-worth of such music, originally released on a private press cassette in 1984. Each track takes inspiration from waves of sleep. If you enjoy the work of Mort Garson, Woo, Brian Bennett, Angelo Badalamenti, Klaus Schonning or Bruce Haack then this is for you.
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Tommy Mandel
Mello Magic

Best known as some 80s fingers for hire - he played keys for Bryan Adams, The Clash and plenty of others - Tommy Mandel has also self-released plenty of his own work down the years. Invisible City hoover up some of the stuff he put to tape in the 80s for a compilation of ‘corporate ambient’ (Mandel’s own term). The wry hypnagogic bent of Mello Magic makes it the perfect album for you if you’re one of those people who’s really got into Yellow Magic Orchestra and Haruomi Hosono over the past couple of years.
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