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Radical Innocence

Sweden’s Easy were big in their county’s indie rock scene in the early ‘90s. Their history is sewn into the fabric of Swedish music too as Agnetha Fältskog, one of the As in ABBA, used to be the singer’s babysitter. They toured the UK with The Charlatans, The Jesus and Mary Chain, House of Love and Lush but it never translated into sales over here. They have a new album, Radical Innocence, which sees them bring back their mix of Sonic Youth-level racket and Beach Boys-level sweetness. 

Magic Seed

This record was claimed by NME to be a record that would break the British snobbery towards European acts who play 90's rock music. Whether or not it did is entirely a personal opinion. Magic Seed by Easy has been remastered on A Turntable Friend and both the vinyl and CD are housed in gatefold packaging. 

A Heartbeat From Eternity

Swedish rockers Easy are coming up to three decades since their debut album Magic Seed dropped. A lot has changed in the musical landscape since, but you wouldn’t know if from listening to A Heartbeat From Eternity. This is whimsical, well-crafted indie-pop in the same mould as Ride, The Lemonheads, Yuck et al.